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Ajay Tandon - President - Engineering & New Product Development (Engineering Business)

In principle, the Engineering Business was created with the mandate for developing Converting Machines for meeting in-house needs and Packaging Machines to support our core business of flexible packaging materials. In line with the Chairman's vision, additional responsibility of Engineering was entrusted upon Mr. Ajay Tandon in the Year 2002, besides the charge of Chemical Business that he had been handling since 1999.

A visionary, a qualified engineer, thorough professional by virtue of his past association with multinationals like Philips and JVC Indian ventures brought a wave of vibrancy enabling Engineering Business to venture into new products and territories. Soon the Business started blossoming under his leadership not only offering state of the art products but being first in many of such products supported by IPR’S. There hasn’t been any looking back ever since, in terms of revenue ,employee satisfaction and overall growth.

With over 42 years of rich experience and expertise in manufacturing industry, Ajay has made significant contributions towards advancing the processes. His strategy, leadership skills and efforts have been instrumental in shaping & reforming current industry standards. Owing to Ajay’s leadership, he has been able to nurture a talented team of professionals. His experience and other strengths have been best utilized to stabilize Chemical Business and then Engineering Business and now spearheading new innovative product development and various other projects of the company. Effective delegation of authority, freedom to operate for the team members have resulted into creating pillars for the organization which will go a long way in entrusting long term succession plan and a pool of people rich in their own core competencies.

Ajay is valued both for his holistic approach for realizing the organization’s overall mission & vision as well as for how he makes the most of his instincts & skills to keep all employees engaged, focused on the key goals of innovation and customer satisfaction. This leads to achieving enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Ravi Sharma - JT. President - Engineering & Solutions Delivery (Engineering Business)

Mr. Ravi Sharma joined the company in 1992. He brought with him 12 years of vast experience of manufacturing industry. He started his career in 1980 and worked with multinationals like Allied Signals, Molins India Limited and a subsidiary of Philips Carbon Black Limited (RPG Group).

Ravi holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala, Punjab. He participated in various seminars in and outside India related to management, skills development, leadership etc.

His special fields of knowledge include plant management, research & development, innovation, supply chain management and customer relationships. Ravi has contributed a lot in producing reliable and high quality packaging machines. Heading a team of qualified and creative technocrats his innovative ideas and efforts have helped in boosting up the sales of the company. His experience, dedication and skills always motivate and inspire other employees of the organization.

Sanjay Malik Sabharwal- EVP - Marketing (Engineering Business)

Mr. Sanjay joined the company in February 2004. He brought with him 20 years of rich experience of marketing, manufacturing and service industry. Prior to joining Uflex, he was employed with Printers House and worked with reputed organizations like L&T, ISGEC and DCM.

Sanjay a professionally qualified Engineer has travelled widely, interacted with multi-cultural clients across sectors and attended various seminars, training programs and exhibitions both in India and overseas. His special fields of knowledge include sales & marketing, supply chain management and customer relationship management (CRM). He is heading a team of technically qualified professionals, driving company’s growth strategy in Domestic and Export market with emphasis on globalization, innovation and industry leadership. Under Sanjay’s leadership as Head of Marketing, the Engineering Business has seen transformation and significant growth in the last few years.

Sanjay has been engaging clients and creating value by managing and delivering products on time and with finesse. With his leadership skills & technical knowledge, Business has made substantive headway in various markets across the globe. He is acknowledged for his focused approach towards maintaining high product quality, prompt service, enhanced aesthetics and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Raghu Bansh Singh - COO - Converting Machines (Engineering Business)

Mr. R. B. Singh joined the company in 1991. He brought with him 12 years of vast experience of engineering machine tool industry. He started his career in 1979 and worked with converting machine manufacturing company named Print Pack Machining Private Limited, an engineering unit of Paper Product Limited.

In line with chairman’s vision to manufacture converting machines for in-house needs and one stop shop for machines for convertors around the globe, he has worked hard and made serious efforts for manufacturing best in class printing machines, laminators, slitters and other allied machines.

His special fields of knowledge include plant management, research & development, innovation, supply chain management and customer relationships. He is heading a team of technically qualified Engineers and Designers. He is regarded for his dedication and focused approach towards innovation and value addition.

Dwijendra Kumar Varshney - CFO (Engineering Business)

Mr. Dwijendra Kumar Varshney, MBA - Finance from Symbiosis, Pune, joined the company in 1996. Prior to his joining he was employed with Salora International where he worked for 8 years. He started his career in 1980 and worked with reputed organizations like Dyanora, Hot Line Group and Sahara Group.

Dwijendra, a graduate in commerce from Agra University, possesses specialized courses in Finance Management from IGNOU and Cost Accounting & Inventory Management conducted by Ministry of Industry, New Delhi.

While heading overall operations of Finance & Accounts he assists CEO in identifying new funding opportunities, determining cost effectiveness of products & services. He is accountable for the financial and risk management operations of the Business and ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve company assets and report accurate financial results. He is also responsible for Taxation & Budgeting, Corporate & Statutory Compliances and Internal & Statutory Audits.